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I-Arch started as an exclusive Architecture entrance (NATA) coaching centre in Coimbatore, South India by Mr. Ahamed Shahabath.N in 2014. I-Arch offers NATA coaching assuring quality training and promising an excellent career to the students. With the professional approach, I- Arch has attained 100% student qualification in NATA. I- Arch started coaching centres at Trichy in 2015. The students from both Coimbatore & Trichy coaching centres came out with flying colours. With the same earnest efforts, I- Arch started coaching centre at Chennai. I-Arch has successfully completed the second year with 500+ students qualifying in NATA and joining the top Architectural Colleges. Beyond that, the toppers of 2014 & 2015 NATA entrance examinations are from I-Arch. 1200+ students qualified in 2016 from all 3 branches. This clearly explains the training standards. In 2017, I-Arch has started a new branch @ Madurai, Anna Nagar and also opened 2 more branches in Chennai at Tambaram and Guindy. In 2018, I-Arch has started a new branch @ Vellore and also opened 2 more branches in Kerala at Palakkad and Mannarkkad. 2018 has been a challenging year, yet I-Arch has achieved 90% qualification even when the over-all India percentage is 65%. 3000+ students have qualified for NATA through I-Arch. I- Arch is all out to deliver quality training with experiential learning in the architectural drawings to the students to confidently appear and succeed in the 2017 NATA.

With this kind of histories, I- Arch has started venturing into the other areas of coaching in Architecture. I- Arch also extends professional coaching for JEE B.Arch . Apart from that for the NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) qualifiers and the students pursuing Architecture I-Arch provides ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING CLASSES to enhance their Architectural Drawing skills. I- Arch School of Designs offers ARCHITECTURE SOFTWARE to enhance the skills of the pursuing B.Arch students in the contemporary software's enabling them to succeed in their career. Exhaustive ONLINE STUDY MATERIALS (NATA & JEE B.Arch) only at I-Arch . I-Arch also provides ART CLASS for all age group peoples.

Our Vision & Mission

Having achieved the last year's vision to be the best coaching centre in Tamilnadu, I-Arch extends its vision to open 20 coaching centres all over India before 2020 and prove to be the best Architectural coaching centre in India providing quality coaching. All the training centres would be direct coaching centres & not franchisees.

      I-Arch also plans to start an online site for selling good quality Architecture Sketching materials. By providing quality coaching we would like to extend this coaching center into a well- known ARCHITECTURE COLLEGE with all amenities. We seek your continued support & blessings to achieve our Mission.


I- Arch coaching team has eminent Artists, Professional Architects, Maths Scholars and adept HR managers to boost the drawing skills & aptitude skills of the students. The eminent artists train the students on the various types of Architectural drawings with special attention to perspectives, colours, 2D & 3D Drawings, angles etc., The Aptitude part of NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) examination is handled by Professional Architects to equip the students with the necessary thinking skills and problem solving abilities. The HR managers boost the General Aptitude of the students preparing them to be ready enough to face NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) with utmost confidence and thereafter to pursue Architecture with the right attitude and aptitude. The Mathematical problems and the analytical skills of the students are enhanced with the tireless efforts of the Maths scholars.

About Study Materials

I-Arch has done an extensive research to find the appropriate materials & the proper methods so as to impart the best coaching for the NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) examinations. The classrooms are equipped with latest technology and are fully air-conditioned. Year after year, the study materials are created according to the upcoming syllabus by experts. I-Arch has 4 different staffs for all the subjects unlike any other NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) coaching centre. I-Arch also provides the students with an app to practice online for the 120 marks aptitude test. Complete study materials and sketch materials are provided by I-Arch. Hostel facilities are also offered to students. Headed by Mr. Ahamed Shahabath.N, the professional team equipped with the contemporary training methods help the students to reach newer heights.

Our Achievements

We have won the hearts of all our Students/Parents. This, we consider as our Biggest Achievement. The persistent efforts to frequently upgrade and update curriculum material and to give an intensive coaching that is complete in all means have taken us to these heights.

  • 100% Result in NATA 2014 / 2015 / 2016 & 2017
  • Students of I- Arch ranked TOPPERS in NATA 2014 / 2015 / 2016 & 2017 all over South India. and maximum number of NATA qualifiers are from I- Arch
  • This year I-Arch has achieved 90% NATA qualification as against the overall percentage of India being only 65%.
  • The biggest achievement is that I-Arch student tops Tamilnadu this year and ranks in the top ten among India.
  • 1 st ,2 nd ,4 th ,5 th …..Rank in Tamilnadu.
  • Out of 50 students from I Arch for JEE PAPER 2 (B.ARCH) more than 25+ Students are placed in NIT, IIT & SPA in India
  • The top scores of NATA 2018 from I-Arch are 153,152.5,147,………….
  • The top cut off marks of NATA 2018 from I-Arch are 350,335,329,……..
  • More than 100 students got above 125 marks and also150+ students got above 100. The cut off marks of I-Arch students are also very high.
  • Top Scores for Drawing is 70/80 and Aptitude 100/120
  • NATA qualifiers of I-Arch have been allotted the TOP COLLEGES / UNIVERSITIES during the Counseling in all the five years
  • Successful-outdoor sketching, Architecture colleges visit, Guidance & Admission
  • 3000+ students qualified from all the three branches in 2018 NATA

Our Features

I-Arch offers excellent coaching for NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) with an excellent environment for learning from experienced and qualified faculty. The quality of the coaching, the experts in the job, scope for maximum exposure, the practical knowledge imparted have all together contributed to the success of I-Arch

  A/c Class room coaching

       I -Arch offers excellent coaching for NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) with state of the art modern classrooms fully equipped with all the essentials of a learning environment Our Class Rooms are comfortable and creates a conducive environment for learning to enlighten the minds of the students.

Postal coaching

       I-Arch offers Postal coaching materials for the students who wish to study from home; else those who stay far away from the coaching centre

Expert & qualified architects for coaching

Expert and qualified Faculty/Advisers of I-Arch are mostly Professors from various renowned Architecture Colleges of India. Well designed course content covering all subjects in depth is the highlight

Guest Lecture workshops

Guest Lecture workshops by renowned Architects and famous educationalists are conducted in NATA coaching by I-Arch for the students to get a complete picture of the industry and their future.

Free Future Guidance Programmes

Every year before the +2 exams, Free Future Guidance Programmes are conducted by I-Arch in all the centres to benefit the students. Complete details about NATA/ JEE B.Arch are given and more than 8000 parents/ students have attended this programme and have got the benefits.

Free android mobile app for practice

Free android Mobile App is provided for extensive practice to take up NATA/JEE PAPER 2 Computer Based Aesthetic Sensitivity Test (CBAST) with utmost confidence. The mobile app gives you the freedom to practice the test at your desired timings.

Hostel facility

I-Arch offers separate Paying Guest (PG) Hostel Facility for Boys & Girls. with accommodation, food, transportation, rent etc.

Out Door Sketching

One of the best things that you can ever do as an Architect is to go outside and sketch the world around you. Every weekend I-Arch provides free outdoor sketching sessions by taking the students to the nearest historical places

One day free visit to architecture colleges-Coimbatore, Trichy & Ooty

All students have the dream of visiting the colleges before joining. Yes! We arrange a one day trip to Visit all the Architectural Colleges in Coimbatore, Trichy & Ooty. So we will help you to identify the best colleges for B.Arch.

Guidance & admission for B.Arch

I-Arch does not stop with NATA/JEE PAPER 2 coaching but supports the students in Counselling till they are admitted in Top colleges/ universities. I-Arch offers proper guidance for admission in the Counselling/Management /NRI Quota with minimum expense in the reputed B.Arch Colleges all over India.

End to end NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) solutions:

Believe us, you are in the Right Place, We would also help for

Application filling for NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) entrance

Remembering important dates for NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) Counseling

Form filling for all states

Guidance & admission for B.Arch

Coaching methodology

I-Arch offers excellent coaching for NATA/JEE (B.ARCH) with an excellent environment for learning from experienced and qualified faculty. I-Arch offers comprehensive classroom coaching for NATA/JEE PAPER 2 with combinations of projector classroom contact sessions, home study materials, individual username password for practicing online mock test with answers & reviews, free Outdoor Sketching and Free Visit to Architecture colleges. Frequent Model Tests are conducted and old question paper practice sessions are held to get the students to the flow of NATA/JEE (B.ARCH).

Coaching Highlights

Individual attention / More practical sessions / Class for absentees / Model exams / Free Android Mobile Apps / Still life drawings / Separate books / Sketch materials

Director's Message

I am Abuthahir.N , Director of I-Arch.

Architecture is abooming industry but only with passion and great interested students can achieve, we create the passion and interest towards architecture among students by making them understanding that architecture is not to study its to learn things practically. we give them more of practical exposure and train students with professionson the specific field. Its been more than 4 years since I arch started its Nata training in these years we have not only trained students for nata but also we gave them the basics of architecture and the best college, thats y still students are in touch with us. We work as a team thats how we can give the students and parents a better coaching and complete guidance. Our faculties and staffs are our strength.

Founder Message

 I am AHAMED SHAHABATH.N .Founder of I-Arch .

Hi, Budding Architects, “Even the World Wonder TAJ MAHAL was just a pile of stones once, and then only it turned out to be a Wonder”. Soon we can also create wonders & landmarks. The learning experience in I-Arch will be remembered for all your life. I promise that the students from I-Arch will always be delighted & motivated & sure enough will cherish the coaching methodologies and the enhancements that I-Arch has brought into their life . I-Arch has initiated sessions both on and off campus featuring influential speakers from the Architectural industry. These sessions have been beneficial to the students & have attracted more students from the referrals of the previous students. I-Arch has been my dream project and I promise this institution will secure a special place in the intellectual perspective of the city. I-Arch has now become an institute of global knowledge, theoretical understanding, practical exposure, traditional values and academic excellence nurturing student development in every aspect. These activities could not have been accomplished without the participation and support of the parents & students.

        We at I- Arch promise an excellent career with admission in the best colleges/universities. We will stand up to our promise and your expectations with all the support and contributions from the I- Arch team and the students. We would like to remember in gratitude the encouragement and support extended so far by the Architectural colleges and universities.

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